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Gurgaon, Gurgaon
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30,000 / Day
2 Photographers


50,000 / Day
1 Filmmaker
Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding

20,000 / Day
1 Photographer
Additional Information
The Day
8+ hours from Sehrabandi to Vidaai
300+ Photos; 10+ Min Cinematic Video
Pricing varies by design - Please Request
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About The Meraki Moments

Putting the essence of our soul, into capturing the moment and bringing it to a standstill ,that's what The Meraki Moments is about. I take photographs to make the old new. To create a possibility out of the impossible. Or an impossibility out of the possible. To make stars out of lights, bubbles out of shadows and rock stars out of ordinary people. To climb, to create, to story tell. To remember. (Show More)

Key Information

Pricing mentioned above is for a wedding day. Significant reduced pricing available for other functions

Extra traditional photographers could be added on request. Extra charge - Rs 10,000 per photographer

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