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New Alipur, Calcutta [Kolkata]
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50,000 / Day
5 Photographers
Candid + Traditional


25,000 / Day
3 Filmmakers
Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding

15,000 / Day
3 Photographers
Additional Information
The Day
8+ hours from Sehrabandi to Vidaai
300+ Photos; 10+ Min Cinematic Video
Pricing varies by design - Please Request
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About Love Stories Wedding Photography

We love to celebrate Indian Weddings with a lot of pomp and show but in the midst of all the fun and chaos, we tend to overlook the most important aspect as to how we can capture this wonderful beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the two soul mates. At Love Stories Wedding Photography, we preserve the golden moments by turning them into lovely memories that you can look at and reminisce for years to come. That special moment when you look lovingly at each other, the beautiful jewellery that adorns the bride, the smearing of vermillion on her forehead – these passing moments in time can be cherished and treasured forever. We design customized wedding packages as per your preferences, and guarantee you will get true value for money. Please get in touch with us for more information about our service all over India. (Show More)

Key Information

Pricing mentioned above is for a wedding day. Significant reduced pricing available for other functions

Extra traditional photographers could be added on request. Extra charge - Rs 8,000 per photographer

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