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Prashant Vihar, New Delhi
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About Vishal Louis Academy Of Dance Experts

Mr. Vishal Louis was born on the 21st June 1971. He started his carrier at the tender age of fifteen. Since then he has not looked back. Dance runs through his veins as the life driving force. There is something about him that can make any one dance. The Look in his eyes the movement of his body urges the person to leave the chair and sway to the music. He truly feels that if you can move then you can dance. If a dancer can hear the same music as a non dancer, then the non dancer can learn to move too. As a toddler responds to music and shakes a leg and gradually as the child grows up to become an adult, the music is erased or forgotten because of so many problems of life. Mr. Louis is that healer who has the art of bringing the person from a complicated life back to the simple and distressed one. He brings back the simple pleasures of life back into a complicated life. He believes that every movement has a million variations and every sound deserves a movement. Dance is a medium of healing. It is the true union of Mind, Body and Soul. Mr. Louis is not only a dancer and a creative person but also a psychologist. He has the knack to judge a person and knows how to open up a closed mind. He has the ability to teach a complete novice to come forward and perform. He teaches a person to move on the sound that they hear. He firmly believes that dance is mood and expression with body movements that comes from within. Dance is not choreography or mechanical movements which you have been trained to do, it's the movement of the body with joy and gay abandon. Sessions with him and people have been known to get a life back. He has used dance as a powerful medium of life modification. Mr. Louis has also used the medium of dance for health purpose. He also has made a dance form which is known to burn 500 calories in 45 minutes. Mr. Louis enjoys the support of many professionals like Dancers and Physicians. All the training sessions of dancers, models and actors are carried out under his watchful eye. He has a plethora of dancers and models attached to him for all kinds of music videos, stage shows, ramp walks, ballads and exhibitions. Mr. Louis has been associated with the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) for the past 17 years. He has choreographed and conducted dance classes there. The 150 years of YMCA show was choreographed by him. The famous YMCA song was also his choreography. He has recently associated himself with the media commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. The Media Commission deals with Bible Stories, devotional music videos, Social and public issues. He has a long time association with the famous T-Series, Big Music, Venus and Tips, entecave productions for which he has done many music videos. He has choreographed many School and College annual functions. He has worked with Amrik Singh Bedi of Focus Feather for several music videos. He deals with all kind of couple and social dances, Folk (western and eastern), western contemporary, fusion, Bollywood etc. He has his own dance lesson and teaching techniques. He loves to dance Salsa, Rumba, Disco, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop. (Show More)

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Offered Dance Styles: Bollywood, Jazz, Salsa,

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