Sushank Lok 1, Gurgaon
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About The Danceworx

The Danceworx comprises of The Danceworx Academy and The Danceworx Student Repertory Company. The Danceworx Academy was set up by Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo in November of 1998 to teach dance along the lines of dance institutes overseas. Currently, its curriculum consists of styles such as Jazz, Classical Ballet & Contemporary Dance. Today, The Danceworx Academy has over 5500 students & 18 studios between New Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. The Danceworx Student Repertory Company was set up with senior students hand-picked by the Artistic Director Ashley Lobo. These budding artists are given opportunities to perform, teach and choreograph. They have a special curriculum set by the Artistic Director. (Show More)

Key Information

Offered Dance Styles: Bollywood, Jazz, Salsa,

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