Gulmohar Park, New Delhi
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About Dansync

DANSYNC has its own fairy-tale! Ever since they were 5 years old, two friends who loved dancing to almost anything.. started dreaming. As life reaffirmed itself through movement and passion, DANSYNC came into being. Client's wedding day is one the most memorable days of their life and one of the hottest new fads trending today is for the couple or the entire wedding party to perform a choreographed dance. Traditionally, the bride and groom share a special two-step shuffle to a slow, romantic tune, but today’s couples are going for more upbeat style routines that are unique instead of just simply being sentimental. Sometimes it’s just the couple performing, but more often the whole wedding party is involved in making it a full-blown production that is likely to be remembered for a long time. Dansync offers various concepts to make the wedding even more memorable. (Show More)

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Offered Dance Styles: Bollywood, Jazz, Salsa,

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