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About Beyond Routine

Routine is what wakes most of us up in the morning, but it doesn’t keep us alive. Beyond Routine had given in to a disconnected, soul-less living, and their spirit had left the building. They couldn’t watch a dance reality show for it would only feed the grudge towards those who were acting on their dreams, and they couldn’t not watch them, they’re Dancing!!! Beyond Routine are primarily artists. They stand for the unconventional, for breaking the pattern of pragmatism and running carefree with the dreams. It stands for Magic. Perhaps it is magic that brought their team all together. Dancers in college, but meandered into different spheres after graduating. They got degrees, jobs and a hectic life. Their passion for dance, however, never left the building. Perhaps it is magic that made them unanimously realize that they needed to act on their collective interest. They realized that if there weren’t any opportunities available, we would create them. (Show More)

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Offered Dance Styles: Bollywood, Jazz, Salsa,

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