Ways To Keep Wife Happy After Marriage

Generally speaking, a husband tends to work more and till late in a job rather than his wife, counter examples obviously there. And that workload is often the reason for a number of fights at home. The husband finds himself in a fix now, he can’t give up on his work and he can’t give up on his wife either.

So here are some ways by which you have keep your wife happy amidst the piling work you have at your office:

  1. 1.2Consult her.

You dare not commit to any plan or office tour or take any other decision without consulting your wife. And even when you ask her, you need to pay attention to her tone even if she says yes. A woman’s words can be misleading at times, and it is your job to interpret them correctly.


  1. 2.2Remember her.

If you don’t want your wife to declare that your work is more prior for you, keep her involved even if you are working. Call her even if you get a 2 minute break. Small as it may seem, but this could work wonders.



  1. 3.2Help her.

Okay, this is something you should do without telling. When the lady comes home after a tiring day at work, and realizes that she has no chores to do, that can probably turn out to be the best evening of your married life.


  1. 4.1Romanticise her.

Spending the evenings together on weekdays is not enough. You need to spend a full day with her. Leaving the boundaries of the house and retiring to a park or beach or holiday house on weekends can be immensely refreshing for you and your relationship with your wife.



  1. Surprise her.

Cancelling on a dinner evening is common when the workload is high. But sometimes your wife can find it hard to digest, especially when she has been planning it for a long time. So to avoid a silence spell at your house, take flowers for her and surprise her. It will bring her anger down and you will get a window to please her and calm her down entirely.




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