Things you don’t want to miss while looking for a Venue

Hosting a wedding can turn out to be the messiest and the toughest affair of your life (not taking into account the handling of your wife after the wedding). One small mistake and it overshadows all the efforts you put in for making the day special and convenient for everybody. Choosing a wedding venue is the first and most important thing. A perfect wedding is one where guests remember your wedding in a pleasant way instead of going home and complaining about the shortcomings of arrangements.

So here we give some things that you should keep in mind while you go for venue hunting:

  1. Location of the venue and its accessibility.

Deciding on a venue 50 kms away from the city may give the guests a frown. People don’t prefer to drive for hours when they are all dressed up in their best attire for a wedding. Have it close to the city.

Be sure that it is easily accessible from the ports and stations if you are expecting outstation guests.


  1. Size and capacity of the venue.

A small party hall for 500 guests or a large farmhouse for just a 100, they both are a disaster. The size should be optimum where your invitees could roam around freely without having to shoulder-push other to make way, but also not so freely that they digest their food while going from the dinner area to the main hall.


  1. Plans for emergency weather conditions.

A must ask question to the venue authorities! If you are going to select an outdoor venue, keep in mind that it has a reserve indoor space that could be effectively used in case the clouds decide to attend your wedding with showering gifts.

You definitely don’t want to think of backup plans when you are sitting in your sherwani.


  1. Amount of parking space available.

If you don’t emphasize on this, you may have a lot of frustrated guests who will be worrying for their absurdly parked vehicle on the street. Just have an estimation of the number of cars that will be arriving and make arrangements accordingly.


  1. Room availability.

Some forget to ask this, some take this for granted. But remember, not every venue has rooms to provide. So unless you want to leave the bride without a suite to get ready in, or you have made arrangements for your outstation guests, this is a must ask question.


  1. Exclusive venue or will there be other events also at that same time?

Often overlooked, having multiple events at a venue can confuse your guests and they might end up crashing at another wedding. You can use billboards to guide them, but some guests will even then be going the opposite way.





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