Wonder Where Couples Are Heading For An Incredible Pre Wedding Shoot ?

With the increasing trend of Pre Wedding Photography, we all come across some amazing pre wedding pictures everyday that we believe to be of a foreign location, or a personalized set created by the couple, or we just imagine which location could be so perfect to provide such stunning locations. Well, here’s the answer- it’s The Perfect Location.

Emotive Lens - Let me take you there - Rahul & SakshiPicture Credits: Emotive Lens

Situated on Mathura Road near Badarpur-Faridabad Toll Plaza, this 3 acre open-air
location provides a surfeit of backgrounds and settings, both man-made and natural. In addition to a 6,000 ft. open shed, they have natural landscapes and foliage, lending to both fashion and couple photography.
Started by a Husband-Wife duo and then joined by their son, there is no match for this place when it comes to out of the box photography locations and shots.

Madhulika & Nimesh –FotorCreated
Interested in photography since their school days, starting with manual cameras, they have seen photography evolve to a totally different digital age. Creativity, they believe, is inherent and once tickled, opens up the world of opportunities in front of you.

Rathik Bansal –
After completing his MBA, Rathik has worked in various facets of the financial world. Now, he has teamed up with his parents to start this venture, wherein they are bonded by a common passion. He brings to the table his financial and marketing acumen along with his in-depth IT skills in research, analysis and programming.

How and when did you think of creating the perfect location? What was your motivation?

There was a wedding in our family and we were frantically looking for a suitable location for pre wedding shoot and the choice was between a farmhouse or a monument or a resort. Just going to a garden or a fort and doing a pre-wedding shoot is very cliché. Also there were lots of restrictions of shooting areas and police interference in public places. But we had no choice so we went along with a farmhouse based pre wedding shoot.

Madhulika: Suddenly in my dreams I saw a place which had colourful walls, interesting sets and props everywhere; A Shoot Factory. YAYYYYYY! I got up, woke Nimesh and told him about it.
Nimesh: I had a vacant land on national highway which was ideal for this bright idea. Also somewhere I was craving to do something creative myself.

We were able to create The Perfect Location as we have understanding of the basic principles of photography regarding compositions, natural lighting, backdrops, complimenting colours and the mind of a photographer.

Rathik: I was doing my Risk Management Course in Singapore when my parents told me about this idea. I immediately did some research work on the business module and came up with a viable plan. I started visually imagining the website and social media marketing strategies.

Chetan Saini Photography - Sarika & AseemPicture Credits: Chetan Saini

Dipak Studios - 1Picture Credits: Dipak Studios

Why do you call this place a photographer’s paradise?

We provide the photographer Time, Space and Privacy to create a Perfect Frame. The couples or the models feel relaxed, enabling the photographer to concentrate on the shoot. The variety of backdrops and sets with unique/antique/vintage props gets their creative juices flowing. We always have an appropriate solution to the question “Kuchh naya karna hai”. We love to interact with and help the photographer in their creativity. A select range of our offerings include:

  • State of the Art Make-Up Room with attached Dressing Rooms and Washrooms
  • Offbeat and Unique 100+ Props and Old Vintage Cars, Carriage, Jeep, etc.

Over 35 settings rooted in a variety of thought processes and styles:

  • Natural to Man-made
  • Industrial to Romantic
  • Close-set to Long Shot

Perfect for creative photography, The Perfect Location has large tracts of land ideally suited for long shots and motion photography. If this is not what you call a photographer’s paradise, then what is!

Candid Tales - Ashish & ReituPicture Credits: Candid Tales

Going Bananas - Akshita & Varun
Picture Credits: Going Bananas Photography

Lakshya Manwani - Sakshi & Navdeep
Picture Credits: Lakshya Manwani

How has your 1 year journey been and what are your plans for the future?

We opened our doors for shoots on 1st November, 2014 and this past year has been full of excitement and anxiety (in a good way). Initially all family and friends thought and even said that we have gone mad by wasting such a huge prime property on this whimsical project. But this is like a dream come true for us. Though there are no huge monetary gains but life has definitely become much more interesting and satisfying.

Past one year has seen a lot of fights between all three of us regarding colours, backdrops and other business decisions which leave us cursing each other for quite a few days.
People in this industry have started taking us seriously and there is mutual respect. We have expanded from 15 backdrops to 35 backdrops/sets which have been appreciated tremendously by all as they are based on our original creative ideas. Photographers appreciate our personal involvement and presence throughout every shoot.
Our Future plan is to make The Perfect Location the kind of place which has all themes one can think of for any kind of shoot. We are also thinking of a separate makeup room for fashion shoots.
To give you a scoop –

  • We have just bought an OLD MILITARY JEEP and created a junk-yard of approx 1000 sq. ft.
  • Our huge MOROCCAN SET (2 floors, fortress, courtyard and living room) will be ready for shoots by end of January 2016. This is our most ambitious project till date.

Deepika's Deep Clicks - Cptn Gagandeep & Simran 2Picture Credits: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Faizan Patel Photography - Prachi & MayurPicture Credits: Faizan Patel Photography

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