An interview with Photographer – Kulbeer Arora

IMG_20170814_111637_428With an unending love and an intense passion for photography, Kulbeer has managed to thrive and grow as the One of the Best Wedding Photographer in India. His professional expertise has endowed him with the opportunity to work with Lonely Planet, Redbull India, and NDTV Goodtimes Channel for their TV Show, Yaari Dosti Shaadi 2. His work has been featured in UK’s Secret Wedding Blog and Wedding Lovely from USA.

Apart from his passion for Wedding, Couple Portrait and lifestyle photography, He is an Autocross Car Racer and plans to embark upon the Indian National Autocross Championship happening this year. And he is into Cross Country Rallying too, beginning with the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Rally in the year 2013. He has also worked with Punjabi Movie Industry before.

We had the opportunity to talk to Kulbeer and here are the excerpts from the conversation:

Share your journey to being one of the popular wedding photographers of India?

I quite started as an amateur photographer while still in School. Though, my tryst with the Camera happened by chance, I decided to take it up professionally when things started to make sense. After being mentored by one of India’s top photographers, Rakesh Syal (FIP & IIPC placed him no. 1 exhibitor from 1991 to 1998 in India), I felt that it was time to hustle.

Through a series of events, I started out as a fashion photographer. But the showbiz lifestyle didn’t largely appeal to me. So, in the year 2013, I got my hands on a wedding photography project. I discovered that Wedding photography was my thing and I was passionate to explore other realms of it, as well. Eventually, Portrait photoshoot and lifestyle photography also got added up and then there was no looking back.



Whose photography has influenced you the most?

Ben Chrisman and Jimmy Bui. I love their perspective which heavily inspires me to seek their professional influence and excellence.

What advice do you have for a couple who starts to look for a wedding photographer? What are the important things they should focus on?

My advice to all the couples who are looking to choose and hire a perfect Wedding photographer would be:

  • Always look for the quality of the photographer’s portfolio and their experience as a candid photographer.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere for the photographer at work and provide them an insight about the expectations. Treat them as a family member while they are at the destination for covering the events. This is very important, Try creating a friendly and comfortable environment so that it gets easy for them to understand and capture the subject.
  • And before finalizing the photographer, try to interact with the person and clarify the doubts and the questions that you might have.


How important is Pre-Wedding photography according to you and why should one go for it?

Pre-Wedding photography is more than just a ‘Shoot-n-Go’ act. However, I prefer to call it ‘Couple Portrait Session and not Pre Wedding shoot.’ It is not only about capturing photos for a couple, it is more about capturing their mutual chemistry and bringing them together. Indian weddings are a huge affair, where the bride and the groom spend endless days in the preparation before finally bracing the ceremonies and rituals. Couple Portrait session is their time where they can be all natural and not literally running around to get things done. Portrait photoshoots and candid wedding photography bind these everlasting moments into visuals which would later act as a cherished memory for their entire life to come.

What is the weirdest experience you’ve had while shooting a wedding?

I am lucky to not have many weird client experiences to recollect. However, I once have this awkward situation where a couple approached me to cover their Wedding. However, due to budget constraints, they chose to move and hired a new photographer who was fairly new to the profession. Later, they got in touch with me and asked me to edit and improve those pictures, which they termed to have been ‘awfully captured’. I still remember the bride telling me that the couple had made a huge mistake by not hiring a professional for their wedding.  I politely had to decline their request.


What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography?

  • Photography is not about buying a high-end DSLR camera and adding lenses to your gears. You should have an over the surface understanding of the technical and moreover artistic aspects, too.
  • A person stepping into this profession should have their own perspective of viewing things which is very important.
  • Photography is a combination of Art, Technique, Perspective, and Execution.
  • The key is the willingness to learn new things every other moment.


Thank You Kulbeer for sparing your valuable time with us. It was a pleasure connecting with you.



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