Plan The Perfect Wedding- Without Splurging!

When we talk about Indian weddings, the next term that comes in our mind is ‘extravagant’. Weddings in India is not only the union of two souls, but a formation of bond and love between the two families. Each ceremony has a significance of its own and represents traditions and culture. It is the beginning of a new chapter in life with lifetime of commitment, love and understanding. Every bride and groom dream of having a great wedding as they step in new life together.

Wedding planning is not an easy task and everything comes with a hefty price, be it décor, outfits, photographers, food and many other unexpected expenditures. So, try not to splurge and plan it wisely!

And if you are wondering how to do that?

Well, we are here with our guide to help you plan out a stylish and graceful wedding without splurging.

1.Budget It Right

For organizing a successful wedding, you should plan your budget wisely. Specify the budget for each and every thing, whether it is your wedding outfit, venue or anything else. Try utilizing the funds efficiently and not with a flippant attitude. As you go about booking each element, keep a track whether you’re in your budget or not. If you fail to keep a track of it, you might overspend and you might drain out your funds. Also, you are less likely to forget an important item for your big day.

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2. Venue Matters

The Venue is the central part of your wedding and requires a lot of investment. You need to find a venue that fits into your budget and provides you with enough resources and creates a perfect ambience for you and your guests. It is advised to choose your venue months before your wedding date to avoid last minute rush and double price. Try choosing a venue closer to your homes as it will save a lot of transportation cost. Also, if you want to cut down on décor budget, then go for an indoor venue as it will not require much of the decoration.

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3. Shop Smartly

Wedding attire is the next thing that costs more when it is wedding season. So, buy your wedding outfit in an Off-season and you might get your dream outfit at huge discount. Choose your wedding outfit with less work, but with elegance. After you are done with wedding day shopping, next comes is trousseau shopping. We advise you not to spend too much on the clothes with the heavy work that you might end up not wearing them for years. You can also opt for make online shopping and can easily compare the price and get the suitable one.

WAImage Courtesy: Ramit Batra

4.Save on Décor

Decoration is that part of a wedding that might take a toll on your budget. If you plan for a wedding in a hotel or banquet hall, you can save a lot on your decoration. Or if you have day wedding on your mind you might end up saving the cost of LEDs and lights which can cost you a lot.  Do your research and show out your creative instincts when it comes to decoration. Know which materials will not cost much and still looks good like-colorful drapes,traditional flowers, origami, candles, diyas etc.

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5. Jewellry Shopping

Jewellry shopping is where you might spend the most but you need to stick to your budget not be too harsh on your wallet. You can opt for love bands or gold rings instead of diamond or platinum.For your wedding day you can wear artificial or kundan jewellry which are lower in cost and will look good with your bridal lehenga. Choose elegant and light jewelry pieces so you can wear it while you attend all the dinners and parties after your wedding as heavy sets you may not wear regularly.

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6. E-Invitations

With this new digital era, we do almost everything online. So, why not create invitation cards online and post them on your social media platforms. This would definitely save a lot of paper and your budget too. Thus, Eco-friendly and budget -friendly at the same time. This can make a big difference on a budget and you can invest this money elsewhere. Moreover, you will save a lot of time with just one click you can send invitations to almost everyone.

KardsImage Courtesy: Kards

7. Food to Remember

Booking a caterer and planning a menu is always a difficult task as you cannot go wrong with food. The only thing that your guests will remember is food. Always remember- ‘Quality not Quantity’, Spend on the quality of food rather than quantity. You must have an idea of how much you are going to spend on food for your guests. Sit with your catering manager to decide the list of dishes you cannot avoid serving. Have your guest list ready as number of guests will determine the number of dishes.

FoodImage Courtesy: A still from the movie- 3 Idiots

8. Capture Memories (Photography)

Wedding photos are for lifetime to cherish. A good photographer makes everything look even more fabulous. You sure want to get each and every moment to be captured beautifully. Do your research and go for a good candid wedding photographer in your budget. You can try to increase your budget for this as after the wedding, all you will have is the memories that will stay in your heart forever.

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