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A wedding is a dream for every girl. And when finally the time comes when she is about to get married, everyone around her gives their best in making her wedding a fairytale.

As we all bid adieu to 2015, FabGala selects 15 moments from wonderful marriages and creates a Wedding Tale that will inspire you for your wedding.

The Pre-Wedding Romance

Lakshya Manwani Photography0 lakshya manwani

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It all starts when he asks her to be his forever, and she says “yes”. It is that time for the couple when they finally decide they will be spending the rest of their lives together and are willing to give their heart to their perfect other half. They celebrate that union with a pre wedding shoot.

Start of the Celebrations – Haldifying of Groom

Candid Tales1 candid tales

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The preparations take place in full swing. And just day before the wedding, the pre wedding ceremonies start. The house of the to-be-groom is filled with laughter and celebration, and that joy is shared with the to-be-groom by painting him yellow.

The bride at her brightest

Mahima Bhatia Photography2 mahima bhatia 1

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Why restrict the celebrations to the “ladke wale side“. The sister of the to-be-bride is in full mood to make the last days of her sister as fun as possible and she takes things in her hands to enjoy with her.

Wedding Day – Anxious Groom

Banjara Studios3 banjara studios

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Just a blink of an eye and the wedding day arrives. The groom stands dressed in his royal attire, and is ready to make his way to the “mandap” where he will be uniting with his other half.

Stylish Barat Arrives

Arjun Kartha Photography3.1

The “baraat” takes on. With fireworks, music and dance the whole family enters with a bang. No rules apply, no surroundings matter, everyone is driven by the excitement in their blood. Aakhir ladke wale hain bhai!

Gorgeous Bride is Ready

 DotDusk Studios6 dot dusk

There, in some confined room, the bride was getting ready since hours. Now she stands there, all dressed in red, with thoughts unknown, looking beautiful as never before, and gets the news of the baraat’s arrival.

She is Escorted into the Venue

Atul Pratap Chauhan8 atul pratap

She now enters. Every eye in the venue is turned, everyone gathers close to acknowledge her beauty. All her emotions boil down to a smile as her brothers and her best guys assist her in the most important walk of her life.

Groom Assists her onto the Stage

Karan Sidhu Photography9 karan sidhu

The unexplainable moment when he holds her hand and assists her up the stage. No one knows what is going on in her mind. Is she conscious of her looks? Is she comfortable now that she is with “him”? Is she sad that she will be leaving her family? Is she happy to make a new beginning?

Time for Jaimala

Click Sutra10 click sutra

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As everyone looks upon, they both exchange garlands and everybody cheers. Be it a centre stage in a venue, be it a middle-of-the-lake stage or any other place, every setting is perfect in it’s own way for this moment.

The Colour of Love

Foto Cult13 foto cult 2

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Red-the colour of love, of togetherness; and he makes her his wife by filling her head with red. Many see it as a tradition, but ask the girl sitting there what actually that moment means for her. Words fail when we acknowledge this.

Wedding Vows over Pheras

Sona Sachdeva Photography15 sona sachdeva

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Then they take the walk-the “saath phere”. First he walks ahead, then she does, and with every round they vow to walk together for the rest of their lives.

The Thanksgiving Walk

Angad Singh Photography15 angad singh

And now comes the final goodbye- when she has to depart with her new family. She walks again, throwing rice, thanking and paying back whatever her parents have given her in all these years.

Some Good Old Memories Surface Up

 Wedding Twinkles15 wedding twinkles

Finally she loses control and tears trickle down her cheeks. Everyone she has grown up with is standing beside her, in tears, trying to imagine how life will be without her. A happy moment, or a sad one, no one can say.

Vidaai – The Final GoodBye

Chetan Mehra Positives15 chetan 1

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She says a final goodbye to her mother and father. She has no words to thank them for everything that they have done for their little princess. All that comes out is a tight embrace and some tears. Her father feels relieved, he knows her daughter is in the hands of the next best man in her life.

And Then She Leaves – New Life Ahead

 ShutterInk18 shutterink

And then she sets off. Her family gives a final push and she now prepares herself for a new beginning, with a new person holding her hand and supporting her till eternity. She did not leave her family behind, she just added a new one to her life. And now she feels lucky, lucky for she has such a loving father, lucky for she has such a caring husband who is supporting her, lucky for she has a new accepting family which is waiting for her at her new house. And now she realizes her life is a beautiful tale!




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